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Welcome to the TinyCaterpillar freewebs account.  I will be using this for a few things to compliment the YouTube account that couldn't be done there.  There will be a new poll here, so if you have already cast a vote on the old one, be sure to re-vote on this if you want.  I will also be keeping a graph for the Dynasty Warriors 3 interchangeable cutscenes that should prove handy.  Simply use the Shu, Wei, Wu, or Others graph to match up a character and cutscene, and if it has been uploaded, there will be an 'X' link that will take you to the video.  Cutscenes that have been requested but not yet uploaded will be marked with an asterisk.  If you'd like to contact me about something regarding the site or the YouTube account, please use the Guestbook or send me a message on YouTube.

Enjoy your stay at my crudely unprofessional site! XD

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